Children Thrive with Neurodevelopmental Movement

Written by Sonia Story

Children Thrive with Neurodevelopmental Movement

Parents and therapists worldwide are learning joyful, transformative movements that help children thrive. These special movements are both calming and stimulating and consist mainly of movements patterned after what babies do in the womb and early infancy. These automatic, innate neurodevelopmental movements—both rhythmic and primitive reflex movements—provide the foundations for sensory processing, learning, emotional & social skills, cognitive skills, proper posture and health. Best of all, these natural baby movements are highly supportive for all ages.

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Sonia Story

Sonia Story offers a highly effective combination of tools from a wide variety of Neurodevelopmental Movement programs. She is the creator of Brain and Sensory Foundations for parents and specialists. Sonia is certified in Rhythmic Movement Training™ as a consultant and instructor of RMT Levels 1, 2 and 3. 

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