Case Studies

Autism: From running and screaming to happy and smiling

Bowel Training, emotional regulation for 5 year old girl

Five yr old develops attention and fine motor skills

Life-changing Results for all four children, From Jessica E.

No more meltdowns over clothes

Restoring Foot Function, Pain Relief, Relaxation

“Tremendous Changes” in boy with Sensory and Emotional Issues

2 yr old with ASD develops eye contact, fine motor, babbling

Autism—7 year old, “Daddy I want hug”

Boy stops drooling, begins speaking, enjoying play with peers

From Introvert to Social Butterfly-13 yr old girl

No more aggressive outbursts, Huge Change in 3 months

No more motion sickness

SLP amazed,

“Watch mommy!  I can do a sit up!!”

Anger and Depression Gone, 12 year old boy

Back Pain Relief for Mom

Explosive anger resolves, no longer prisoners to meltdowns

Hyper-active boy can now focus

No more headaches for adopted daughter

Pushing, hitting and biting diminish

Sports performance boosted by reflex integration

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