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Written by Sonia Story

Amazing “Before-and-After

Children are experiencing sensory-processing challenges at epidemic rates. Diagnoses with a sensory-processing component include autism, ADHD, developmental delay, developmental coordination disorder and learning difficulties.

What underlies a child’s sensory-processing challenges? One key feature may be a brain and sensory-motor immaturity. When the central nervous system is not developed enough to comfortably handle sensory input, the brain and body cannot easily make coherent use of sensory input. Resulting symptoms—hypersensitivities, anxiety and challenges with communication, coordination and learning—range from mild to severe.

How can we help children easily and reliably develop greater brain and sensory maturity? At any age, we can use innate movements—infant rhythmic and reflex movements—to build, reboot and optimize the brain, body and sensory systems.

Sonia Story

Sonia Story offers a highly effective combination of tools from a wide variety of Neurodevelopmental Movement programs. She is the creator of Brain and Sensory Foundations for parents and specialists. Sonia is certified in Rhythmic Movement Training™ as a consultant and instructor of RMT Levels 1, 2 and 3. 

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