“I highly recommend this to give a better understanding of the underlying causes for a child's problems.” 


Laura Masciarelli PT
Wantagh, New York

Individual Sessions

Private sessions are available for children, teens and adults.

For sessions with children and teens, one parent or both parents must first enroll and practice the movement tools from the online Brain and Sensory Foundations course. Once these foundational movements are being done regularly with children, parents are eligible to bring their children for private sessions. We get the best results this way and we can do the most for the children in the least amount of time and expense with this method.

(Cost: $295, Duration: approx 1.75 hours)
*Because some individuals are very young, sensitive, or are experiencing more severe challenges, we may complete the assessment portion in more than one session.

  • Assessment of: reflexes, vestibular function, rhythmic and developmental movements.
  • Individualized written home movement program
  • Handouts of movement protocols
  • 15 minute phone consultation for questions within 1-2 weeks after initial assessment

FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS (Cost: $195, Duration: approx.1.5 hours)

  • Re-evaluation of relevant movement patterns
  • More hands-on learning of movements for further integration
  • Updated movement program specific for the individual

Sessions are recommended every three to eight weeks (varies depending on the situation).


Port Hadlock, Washington, 219 F West Patison Street, 98339

Other Locations: Sessions are available in other locations in Washington State and throughout the US. Session fees may vary depending on travel time and expenses. To organize a group of private sessions in your area, contact Sonia Story.

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