“I highly recommend this to give a better understanding of the underlying causes for a child's problems.” 


Laura Masciarelli PT
Wantagh, New York

Neurodevelopmental Movement for Children

Is your child...

  • bright, yet struggling in school?
  • kind, yet challenged in relationships?
  • anxious or overly sensitive?
  • impulsive or emotionally reactive?
  • struggling with self-esteem?

Many of our children are intelligent, kind-hearted, creative, sensitive and stressed. The requirements of daily life and learning are often overwhelming for them. These children benefit from Neurodevelopmental Movement programs that directly strengthen the neuro-sensory-motor (NSM) system—the foundation of learning and life skills.

    Before investing time, energy and resources most parents want to know:

    Will this work for my child?

    In nearly all cases, parents who are doing consistent Neurodevelopmental movement with their children see noticeable improvements in behavior, emotional maturity, and learning. Children frequently feel more calm and focused. They also experience more joy, greater stamina, better posture and improved self-esteem. Read testimonials from parents of children who have done neurodevelopmental movement.

    How much time does it take?

    Everyone is unique, so the answers to this question varies. In general, plan on doing 10-30 minutes of Neurodevelopmental Movement and play, three to five days a week with your child at home. For children with greater challenges, more time may be required.

    When will we see results?

    Result times range from quick and dramatic to gradually building over time. Most parents see significant progress within 3 months or less. However, for full integration and best results for long-term life and learning effectiveness, we recommend doing movements consistently for 12 to 24 months in most cases.

    How much does it cost?

    Doing Neurodevelopmental Movement is relatively inexpensive and convenient, because most of the program is done in your home with private sessions approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart. Private sessions range from $185 to $250 for office visits and parent classes prices vary depending on the class. If possible, doing both classes and private sessions is recommended.

    Learning to do Neurodevelopmental Movement at home is immensely empowering for families. It fosters connection between parent and child and helps improve skills in all areas of life. After doing consistent movement, children come to their follow up sessions beaming and proud of their new sense of calm and effectiveness. This is our primary goal—to help children enjoy life and confidently express their unique gifts.

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