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Courses Offered

Sonia Story offers 4 types of classes (click on class name to read description below):

Brain and Sensory Foundations, First Level Online

soniateachingIn this 8 week online course, we focus on integrating reflexes with tools gleaned from a wide variety of neurodevelopmental movement methods. We learn rhythmic movements plus specific protocols for integrating 11 key infant reflexes, sensory integration techniques, developmental movements, and simple, but powerful strategies modified from Brian Gym. We explore the importance of play when relating with children. The Brain and Sensory Foundations course is the most comprehensive, high-value, online training offered in the integrative movement field.

Brain and Sensory Foundations skills are excellent for helping with:

ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, autism, anxiety, Aspergers, emotional and impulsive outbursts, learning challenges, developmental and speech delays, anxiety, stress, PTSD, sensory integration and sleep challenges.

Parents and professionals using these tools with their children report increases in academic achievement, more harmony in family life, and children reaching new levels of calm, fitness, motivation and happiness. Though the emphasis of this class is on children, these neurodevelopmental movement tools are equally effective for teens and adults.

For more info or to enroll, go to our Course description and registration pages


Brain and Sensory Foundations, Second Level Online


The second level Brain and Sensory Foundations course builds upon the Brain and Sensory Foundations, first level course. We continue our theoretical and experiential learning of key rhythmic, developmental and reflex movements for the purpose of integrating and maturing brain, body and sensory systems. Integration of primitive and postural reflex patterns helps relieve stress and develop optimal sensory processing, learning, emotional balance, core strength and stamina.


For more info or to enroll, go to our Course description and registration pages



Rhythmic Movement Training, Levels 1, 2 and 3

Developed by Harald Blomberg, MD and Moira Dempsey

RMT-fetal-backRhythmic Movement Training, Level 1 & 2 is an excellent combination of 17 gentle rhythmic movements and reflex integration activities that effectively stimulate brain pathways and optimize potential in all areas of life.

While good for everyone, RMT is particularly useful for children and adults with challenges including ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, developmental delay, speech delay, autism, Aspergers, sleep difficulties and sensory processing disorders. In addition, RMT helps develop strong mental health, emotional and physical calm, proper posture, and increased stamina.

RMT Level 3 has in-depth techniques for vision and hand integration and methods to help with dyslexia, handwriting issues and many other learning and emotional challenges

It is well worth taking RMT Levels 1 & 2, for access to RMT Level 3 and the specialized RMT courses: Face the Fear (Facial Reflexes and Fear Paralysis Reflex). All of the RMT courses are useful and highly recommended.

 For more information about this outstanding program visit: www.rhythmicmovement.com.


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