“These movements make powerful changes in my clients and help improve their motor skills, emotional regulation, cognitive functioning and self-esteem!” 


Maggie Hall, OTR/L, Atlanta, GA



Private sessions are available for children and adults. We also offer training classes for professionals and parents. Sonia is also available to give presentations to organizations interested in learning more about Neurodevelopmental Movement, Reflex Integration and Rhythmic Movement Training.


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are available for children and adults, however, we have found that we make much faster and deeper progress if parents and/or caregivers first enroll in our Brain and Sensory Foundations, online training course. With rare exceptions, enrollment in this course is a pre-requirement to booking private sessions.

Sessions generally include an assessment to evaluate reflexes, rhythmic movements, developmental movements, vestibular function and simple eye movements and to determine a movement protocol that best suits the individual.  Follow-up sessions are used to measure progress and integrate more movements into the home movement program. Read more about individual sessions >

soniaTeaching2Training Courses

Sonia Story provides movement training classes throughout North America. She offers 4 types of classes:

Please check our upcoming course schedule.


Sonia is available to provide online presentations about the tremendous benefits of Neurodevelopmental Movement. If you would like Sonia to give a presentation for your group, please contact Sonia for more information.

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