“These movements make powerful changes in my clients and help improve their motor skills, emotional regulation, cognitive functioning and self-esteem!” 


Maggie Hall, OTR/L, Atlanta, GA


What is Neurodevelopmental Movement?

Neurodevelopmental Movements are excellent for developing the brain, sensory, nervous and motor systems. They help the brain grow and function at its best, resulting in more happiness and health.

Neurodevelopmental Movements are derived from what babies do in the womb and infancy and they are highly stimulating to the brain. No matter what our age, doing these movements will literally "wire the the brain" creating new nerve connections, and more efficient pathways among existing nerves.

Neurodevelopmental Movements are in large part responsible for the tremendous rate of brain growth we see in infants and toddlers. In addition to being very calming, the movements are critically important for laying down the neruo-sensory-motor foundations for higher level skills such as language development, social interaction and learning.  

The neuro-sensory-motor foundation can have gaps, from mild to severe. These gaps exist from womb and infant life or from trauma or injuries later in life. With Neurodevelopmental Movement, we can bridge these gaps and create more ease and effectiveness in all realms of life.

Neurodevelopmental Movement is excellent for sensory integration because it calms the nervous system while developnig vision, hearing, balance, touch and proprioception. The motor systems also develop for proper head control, muscle tone, stamina, strength and posture. These basic sensory-motor skills have been called the "foundations for all future learning"

Our learning, emotional, social, and physical abilities depend on how well the neural pathways in the brain are laid down in infancy. Neurodevelopmental Movements give us a second chance to rebuild the foundations of brain and body health.

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