Sonia Story developed the Brain and Sensory Foundations curriculum to address learning, emotioinal-social, physical and sensory processing challenges a wide variety of innate rhythmic, reflex and integrative movement tools.

After experiencing the profound benefits of Neurodevelopmental Movement, with her own children, and many other children and adults, Sonia created programs so other families could experience the same results. Sonia provides information and training for those seeking natural ways of helping children and adults who are struggling.

The Move Play Thrive website provides information about the critical importance of movement in early infancy and how we can use early infant movement patterns at any age to optimize our learning, create more harmony, and maximize potential in all areas of life.

Sonia Story is located in Washington State. She offers private sessions, training courses, in-service, and presentations throughout the US and Canada to educate children and adults about enhancing effectiveness through movement and play. Contact Sonia Story