“Every child has made so much progress and it has been so wonderful to have parents and kids excited about therapy!"


Nikki Kieffer, OTR/L


Mini Course_Optimal Sensory Processing & Learning wih Neurodevelopmental Movement

Real Life Results-See 3 min video highlighting benefits of neuro-movements.

Optimal Sensory Processing and Learning IS Possible

Mini-Course online Webinar with Sonia Story 

Do you wish you could make your child's life easier?

Do you worry about your child's future if sensory issues and explosive behaviors do not go away?

You are invited to a unique, online mini course for helping children with sensory processing issues using highly effective, proven neuro-movement, supported by research.

This easy-to-learn method incorporates time for connection and play while transforming a primary root cause of sensory processing issues--an underdeveloped brain, body and sensory system.

Learn Life-Changing neuro-movements that boost brain and sensory function.
Neuro-movements are specific movement patterns, derived from womb life and early infancy, that calm and mature the nervous system and develop effective brain and sensory pathways.

In the process of maturing the brain and sensory system, these movements help children focus, learn, reduce anxiety, control impulses, sleep better and promote emotional and physical and cognitive maturity.

The movements are excellent for teens and adults as well.

Tuition $39

No Risk Guarantee*

Mini course cover 2016

THIS COURSE IS for YOU If Your Child:

  • Is bright, yet struggling

  • Is big hearted, yet prone to angry outbursts

  • Is overly sensitive, hyperactive, anxious, or fidgety

  • Is having trouble focusing

  • Has poor balance, weak core, low muscle tone

  • Has trouble with socializing and/or speech and communication

Learn Life-Changing neuro-movements that boost brain and sensory function.

See videos and testimonials  https://www.moveplaythrive.com/testimonials

The Mini-Course is a small part of the full course, called Brain and Sensory Foundations, also available online.

What you will learn in the Mini Course:

  • Video based learning of 3 Rhythmic Movements from Rhythmic Movement Training. Based on the book, Movements That Heal, by Harald Blomberg, MD and Moira Dempsey
  • Why the Moro reflex is critically important for overcoming SPD symptoms
  • What to do if a sensory diet is not working or only partially working
  • How to help your children sleep with gentle, rhythmic movement that most children LOVE.
  • Why reflex integration and rhythmic movement work for sensory processing issues, plus supporting research
  • See 'before and after' videos and drawings
  • Other great resources for overcoming SPD

We look forward to seeing you there and watching your child transform with neuro-movement!

Parent and Professional reviews about the full course, Brain and Sensory Foundations:

"My child (5) appeared to be born with some processing challenges.  Loud and busy places have been overwhelming for him, intense sensations such as emotions or pain have resulted in huge emotional outbursts.  He has battled to transition from one activity to another. He has been anxious about new experiences and reluctant to engage fully with life.  I studied the movements through Sonia [Brain and Sensory Foundations Online Training] and began a daily practice.  On the first night of doing the rhythmic movements my son slept for 12 straight hours. He is calm after the movements, he seeks them out and they help him sleep.  He is so much more emotionally regulated.  He is social, he happily goes to play or do sport after school and while he still seeks a lot of quiet time and time on his own, he is able to ask for it or seek it out as opposed to just melting down in overwhelm.   I am so grateful for this programme and its benefits that I see everyday in my home. Thank you." Colleen Wilson, mother of 5 year old boy

"I have seen tremendous improvement with the students who I work with. I have also been using the techniques taught in the [Brain and Sensory Foundations] course and I feel more relaxed, focused and energized. I am experiencing less motion sickness. I would highly recommend this course to everyone."
Jean Morrissey, Physical Therapist, Highland Lakes, NJ

"This has been a life-changing course for our family. Our son's classic ADHD symptoms are greatly reduced and I doubt that any professional would diagnose him as ADHD now. This has happened within 2 months. This course is money well spent, and the knowledge will last a lifetime for your family. Everyone stands to benefit."  MF, mother of 12 year old boy

This course has changed my entire OT practice! Your teaching style and weekly sessions increased my comfort in learning the techniques. Parents and professionals alike would benefit greatly from attending your course and using the motions.  Video snippets and easy to follow booklets enhanced my understanding.  I would recommend Brain and Sensory Foundations to everyone!" Cara Koscinski, MOT, OTR/L, The Pocket Occupational Therapist

"We started with the rhythmic movements and after doing them consistently for a while, sleep improved for my 2 year old - we went from him waking and calling for me to help him re-settle 6-10 times a night to only once or twice a night.  He even sleeps through occasionally now.  He had also had a mild speech delay, and within two weeks of beginning the rhythmic movements, he started saying many new words and expressing himself much more clearly.  He use to be extremely clingy and needy for me since birth. He is now able to play independently or with other kids for long stretches of time without needing to have me right next to him and even comfortable going to his class at church and going with his grandmothers and other friends while l leave him!

My 9 year old with sensory processing disorder has been significantly helped as well through the rhythmic movements and reflex integration.  Both his sensory seeking behavior and hypersensitivities became greatly diminished." Jessica Ealson, mother of 4 boys

NoRisk GuaranteeLogoOur Guarantee: If you are not satisfied for any reason let us know by emailing within 30 days of your registration for a full refund.

We trust you will be inspried to learn more! Register Now and receive instant access plus a $30 discount coupon for the full Brain and Sensory Foundations course!

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking the FULL online Brain and Sensory Foundations Course! If you Already know you want to take the FULL Course go here to find out more and register

Disclaimer: Consult with your health care provider if you have questions about doing movement. Nothing in this webinar or any other content by Sonia Story, should be interpreted as medical advice.

There are no certificates or CEUs awarded for participation in the Online Mini-Course. ATOA CEUs are available for all other full courses taught by Sonia Story

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