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The Move Play Thrive web site is for Living Human Beings who are seeking to help themselves and their fellow Human Beings function better and live more lovingly and harmoniously.

Therefore anyone seeking to do harm in anyway to others, or to use the web site for personal gain exclusive of the Living whole, may not use or access the web site by any means.

Living Human Beings may access and view the content on this web site and make single, un-altered, copies or prints of the content for non-commercial use and for educational purposes only. Anyone using the web site, or information from the web site, agrees to be fully responsible for his or her own experiences that occur as a result of using the web site.

By using this web site you agree that web site content is for educational purposes only and not intended as a diagnosis or prescription for any condition.

Anyone using the any of the information or content on this site agrees to hold harmless Sonia Story, her family members and anyone affiliated with Sonia Story’s work. Sonia Story, her family members, and anyone affiliated with Sonia Story’s work, shall in no way be responsible or liable for any direct or indirect difficulties arising from the use of this website.

The information, logos, photographs and trademarks contained on the website are copyrighted and may not be copied, except as described above, and may not be displayed, altered or distributed for commercial or promotional use unless you have received prior written permission from Sonia Story. For permissions inquiries write to Sonia Story at PO Box 676, Chimacum, Washington, 98325

You agree to respect the entire content of this web site and not alter the web site in any way. You agree that while using this web site, or any information from this web site, that you will not misrepresent yourself in any way or conduct yourself in anything other than an ethical manner at all times.  You agree that ethical means honoring and respecting the content, function, and purpose of the website as well as the living whole.

If you have questions about our Terms of Use or if you encounter any technical difficulty with this web site, kindly let us know by emailing Rob Story at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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